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3606 minor always 07-22-09 10:43 07-22-09 10:43
0003606: hessian servlet deploy enhancements
(Jeremy Unruh)

Hi, I started playing around with Hessian and love it. I want to expose
a new client to our existing architecture and am going to leverage
hessian. We run a JBoss app server. I have setup some services and
clients and they work great so far.

My question is: I'm writng a basic framework for our developers. Is
there any tricks I can do that I can add to my base framework which will
save the need to create a new servlet declaration per service? Ie..
HelloService needs a helloservice servlet. Or is there examples of
having 1 Hessian servlet which understands many services based on URL's?

Any help would be appreciated :) Also, if there are any gotchas I
should avoid while creating this framework to expose a new client that
would be great. So far my api's are clean and work well on
serialization but just want to make sure.

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