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3533 minor always 05-26-09 09:11 06-11-12 15:26
none 4.0.28  
0003533: admin monitor session database
(rep by Richard Grantham)

Is there a way to inspect the Resin session database to see how many
session there are and what data they are storing? I could do this if we
were using a SQL-backed session store but I've had issues with this in
the past.

05-26-09 09:38   
Well, I guess I'd like to see session IDs, some representation of what's
stored in the blob, when it was created, etc. Just simple stuff really.
Perhaps ordering a view by creation date or size of blob.
05-26-09 09:47   
The following admin capabilities would be useful when accessing the session store persistence API:

* number of active sessions stored

plus, for each session object:

* access to session object instance
* serialized session size
* session creation timestamp
* session last interaction timestamp (timestamp of last request to get/setAttribute)
* "originating" server id (which resin app server in the cluster issued the session)

Ideally the above is encapsulated in a wrapper object, e.g. ServerSessionData, and the admin monitor has a getter API to access an array list of such objects, perhaps sorted one of the above criteria.
07-15-11 13:45   
I'm trying to figure out if there's any way I can examine the persistent session store in resin 4.0.19 pro - i.e whether there is any API / process I can use to retrieve session keys and objects associated with the session? I recall reading that 4 uses an embedded database rather than the old style jdbc store. Is it possible to query this data in any way? We are observing some weird session behavior under heavy load and I'm trying to figure out if our code is doing something stupid. I have made copies of the resin-data folder at various points in time and was hoping to examine the session data from each. Any pointers would be much appreciated.