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3530 minor always 05-22-09 08:44 08-27-09 11:33
none 4.0.2  
0003530: Resin embed enhancements - logging
(rep by Daniel Lopez)

Now that version 4.0.0 has been released, I've tried again to integrate
Resin into the Wembed project, which uses embedded container engines to
facilitate automatic testing and I can happily confirm that version
4.0.0 works fine :). Just some minor issues:

.- The default logging level is a bit verbose, as it is set at the info
level and each line is doubled, as it is set to showing the full name of
the class and the method from which the trace originated. Like:
22-may-2009 10:31:12 com.caucho.server.cluster.Server start
INFO: resin.conf = null
22-may-2009 10:31:12 com.caucho.server.cluster.Server start
22-may-2009 10:31:12 com.caucho.server.cluster.Server start
INFO: server = (:)
Is there any place where I can configure, more or less easily, the
default logging level in an embedded instance?

.- The embedded engine requires a JDK for compiling as it needs a Java
compiler, but... is it possible to configure it to use an "embedded
compiler" like Apache Jasper or similar so it can be packed with the
engine? It's not a big problem, but usually the default behaviour for
.jar files, at least in Windows, is to be run with the JRE, and that
implies that, by default, Resin chokes whereas Jetty and Tomcat do not.
It's "the user's fault" but in any case I would like to be able to make
Resin easier for "the average Joe" to use.

08-27-09 11:33   

ResinEmbed now has a resetLogManager which removes the JDK's default log handler. This does mean that logging is disabled by default since the standard embed configuration file doesn't define any log handlers.