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3397 minor always 03-18-09 16:12 09-02-09 19:40
closed 4.0.0  
none 4.0.2  
0003397: resin-admin jdbc connection enhancements
(rep by Bryant Harris)

  I have been increasing the number of threads the server has available. I?m currently at 600 threads to just 25 connections. When I step through the resin pool code it looks like it might be timing idle time or in use time. Does the control panel show me that average time a connection is in use.

  Or possibly a ?back pressure? count. That is the number of threads waiting for a resource that are currently unserved? Also, what is the name of the parameter that sets the max wait time for the pool. 120s seems like it would be more than plenty, I wanna make sure I didn?t accidentally mess with this.

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