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3301 minor always 01-28-09 14:17 03-25-09 10:25
closed 3.0.25  
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0003301: persistent shutdown performance issues
(rep by Kaith Paulson)

We run two sites; sites are balanced via DNS, and each site is balanced via cisco HW. We do have sticky enabled, but the DNS component makes it impossible to guarantee; our session-config is:


with the store defined as

              <resin:if test="${resin.isProfessional()}">
                      <persistent-store type="jdbc">

We have seen this in particular on shutdown; in the ugly cases we truncated the tables before startup so no startup issues would have been seen.

We do suspect it is the delete/cleanup JDBC call; right now we have 28 servers sharing one persistent table, and 12 each on another.

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