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3097 minor always 11-24-08 14:32 08-24-09 09:49
closed 3.2.1  
none 4.0.2  
0003097: /resin-admin issues
(rep by Mark Morgan)

We installed 3.2.1 to production Saturday night, and it seems to be running pretty nicely. One issue we do have is with the admin servlet pages. The "memory" page shows as all 0 for two of the machines, mostly 0 for one, and correct for the fourth. Any ideas as to why that might be? The test cluster worked correctly for all four machines.

I also notice that the summary page fails to report the machine name and JVM version for any machine but the one that the servlet is running on.

Another thing I'm noticing is that on the summary page, the cpu load and thread count graphs are apparently for the local server, no matter which machine you choose. They don't change unless you go to the servlet on a different machine.

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