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0003054: cache memory size
(rep by Daniel Vydra)

we're trying to assess the memory usage of our application which is running in resin professional 3.0.19.

We are using resin cache, which is configured like this:
    <cache path="cache" memory-size="10M" disk-size="1G" />

We had assumed this means that the cache would use up a maximum of 10 megabytes of memory, but when we take a heap dump:
    jmap -dump:format=b,file=/path/to/dump.hprof <javaProcessPid>
and run it through Eclipse Memory Analyser, it shows that there are approx 170-200 megabytes retained by, all in com.caucho.util.LongKeyLruCache$CacheItem objects (about 2979 objects total).

Is this expected? Is there any way to use the cache without having the memory usage for it expand to this size?

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