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0000305: Classloader issue when deploying alongside a RAR
I deployed a RAR that shared some of the same libs that my WARs do, and it appears the RAR's classloader pollutes the WAR's classloader. Or at least, the WAR ends up loading classes from the RAR's classpath and then subsequently can't find things that are only in the WAR.

I thought all deployments were supposed to be protected from each other?
Windows JDK 5.0_03

07-12-05 00:00   
The webapps are distinct from each other.

However, deployed RARs are intended to be shared in the environment they're deployed to, i.e. a RAR deployed in a web-app would be a JCA resource that would be used by the web-app. A RAR deploy in a host would be used in all of the web-apps.

In other words, the deployed RAR will be added to the environment's classloader as if they were put in the WEB-INF/lib.