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3045 minor always 11-05-08 10:08 02-18-11 16:52
none 4.0.16  
0003045: solaris/opteron
(rep by Eric Bowman)

My current development environment is Resin 3.2.1 on Windows, but not by
choice... On 64-bit Solaris/Opteron (production environment is SPARC),
I had to edit the configure file a bit in ways already documented in
bugtrack (and labeled fixed, but I didn't have any better luck with
3.1.7a), but eventually got it to build and install no problem, I just
can't get it started, this issue is also labeled as 'fixed' so maybe
I'm just using the wrong startup command?

# java -jar resin/lib/resin.jar -J-d64 start
Resin/3.2.1 can't start -server '' for watchdog at
com.caucho.config.ConfigException: <user-name> requires compiled JNI.
Check the $RESIN_HOME/libexec or $RESIN_HOME/libexec64 directory for

Well, the file is there, and it is 64-bit, so I'm stumped what to do

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