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0003019: eclipse plugin - Cannot create a "Dynamic Web Project"
(rep by smbennett)

I am keen to develop for Resin using Eclipse, and have tried to get the Eclipse plugin to work, but it is giving me an error. Does the Eclipse plugin from [^] work with Eclipse Ganymede (the current JEE developers version)? When I try to create a Dynamic Web Project I get

"failed while installing Dynamic Web Module 2.5" with "Build path contains duplicate entry: 'C:java/resin-3.2.0/lib/resind.jar' for project ..."

The project is created but it does not have the Resin server in it, and I cannot then run my project against my Resin server.

There are a number of things that have not looked right along the way:

1) There is no documentation on how to use/install this plugin. One of the links on the caucho Wiki for Eclipse does not exist, and the other is for an old release. In the end I just copied the jar to my Eclipse plugins directory. Perhaps some additional steps are required?

2) The Eclipse plugin introduces a Resin 3.1 server, not a Resin 3.2 server. (This suggests the plugin has not been updated for 3.2, and hence might not be compatible?).

3) The reference to the plugin is a quick line in the changes for Resin 3.2, and the Resin 3.2 documentation does not mention it propertly, which leads me to wonder what the status of the plugin is.

I'm sure many people would agree that Eclipse support for Resin is vital for Resin's continued use. Who can fix the above, or tell me what I have got wrong?

03-19-09 10:04   
Resin 4.0 eclipse plugin rewritten from scratch.