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0002954: Add support for AMF-style RemoteClass aliases in hessian-flex
When using AMF serialization in Flex, you can tag your AS class using the RemoteClass metadata tag, which allows you to map (for example) a Java class on the server to a different class in AS. Right now when using Hessian serialization, the Java and ActionScript fully-qualified class names have to match exactly (package + class name). Ideally, I should be able to define an AS class like this:

package com.mycompany {
  public class Bar {

and have it map to my com.mycompany.Foo class in Java (assuming all the instance variables match up)

It looks like this could be accomplished in Hessian2Input.readObjectInstance() by adding a call "" to look for the Class, then falling back to "flash.utils.getDefinitionByName()" if there's no alias.

Then in HessianOutput.writeObject(object:Object,className:String = null), instead of calling getQualifiedClassName(), call flash.utils.describeType(), and check for an "alias" attribute in the root (type) tag, otherwise use the "name" attribute, which has the fully-qualified class name in it.
See: [^]

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