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0002949: access log for virtual host
(rep by Alex Sharaz)

I've got a number of dynamic hosts configured on a single server, some
of which provide the same service. E.g. provides a web browser auto proxy
config file for use by our users.

I then changed the url to be slb-config..... to reflect the fact that
we're going through a hardware server load balancer. Needless to say our
helpdesk know better and stll put in www.config ...... At the moment
I've got 2 dynamic hosts defined for this service. Just to keep both

I've just added a <host-alias></host-alias>
statement to the slb-config dynamic host and deleted the other (dynamic)
server ( trying to reduce the number of identical files I've got to
change). Everything *seems* to be working but in the logs it doesn't
show which host name was used by the user to access the scache.jsp file.

I've tried changing the access log format variable definition in my
host.xml file to display the URI (%U) but it doesn't seem to make a
difference. I'm running 3.1.7a BTW

09-18-08 15:36