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2900 major always 09-04-08 02:02 09-19-08 11:12
closed 3.1.7  
none 3.2.1  
0002900: Repeated headers not passed in response
Issue 2637 reports that the bug with repeated header names going from the client to the Origin Server are passed - this seems to work in 3.1.7. It is also reported that repeated headers, e.g. Set-Cookie headers are passed on the way back from the Origin Server to the client. This does not seem to be working in 3.1.7.

The code (from file that deals with passing the headers back in the response is (irrelevant stuff snipped):
      Iterator iter = rs.getAttributeNames();
      while (iter.hasNext()) {
    String name = (String);
      res.addHeader(name, (String) rs.getAttribute(name));

rs.getAttributeNames() only returns one instance of each header name. Even if it didn't, rs.getAttribute(name) would only be able to return one of the values assigned to the header. [^] (19,647 bytes) 09-07-08 10:55

09-05-08 02:12   
This is a high priority blocking issue for us. Is someone able to look at this? I even have the code that needs inserted into to implement this fix.
09-07-08 11:03   
Attached is the patched version of to implement a fix for this issue. That file goes in: resin-3.1.7/modules/util/src/com/caucho/vfs. The code change to is given here:

Replace Line 213: res.addHeader(name, (String) rs.getAttribute(name));
Object value = rs.getAttribute(name);
if (value instanceof String[]) {
    String []values = (String []) value;
    for (int i = 0; i < values.length; i++) {
        res.addHeader(name, values[i]);
else {
    res.addHeader(name, (String)value);