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0000290: Time Taken (time of a request) in milliseconds in the access-log?
Time-Taken Problem,

we need(!) for our statistics a more exactly resolution of time.
The IIS can measure in millisecond, apache too.
In my humble opinion the Resin-Webserver is a reliable Webserver and can better scale with jsp-serving than an Apache-Resin-servlet-Kombination or IIS/Resin Kombination. The one and only problem is still the time-taken-option in the access log.
There are mostly only two entries: 0 or 1. Our Server is fast enough to server between 0 and 1 second per Request. So the statistic has no information in that point of view - but the CEO wants to have that information.

_Please_ for a newer Release let the Resin-logger measure the time-taken in milliseconds like all the other Webservers do since long time ago.

W2003 Server, 8 GB RAM, 2xXEON 2GHz, 250 GB HD RAID1, WebServer(IIS)/JSP-Appl.Server(Resin) ~ 300.000 Request /week

06-30-05 00:00   

The new %D format will give the time in microseconds.