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2867 minor always 08-25-08 14:16 03-25-09 09:20
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0002867: dynamic server with load balancing
(rep by Dana P'Simer)

We are looking for a way to achieve a requirement that will help us
stand up new versions of our application in production. What we want to
be able to do is bring down a server and install new software on it.
For a short time we would like that server with the new software to only
be available to certain clients. These clients can either set a cookie
or add a parameter to the URL. Then when we have tested the build on
that one node, we would then push it into the production pool for new
traffic to hit and do the same to another node untill all the nodes have
been deployed.

I am looking at Resin's load balancer to see if it can fill this need.
I do not, however, see any way to change the members of a cluster at
runtime. Is there are feature that I am missing or can you suggest
another route to achive the same result?

03-25-09 09:20