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posenato Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU X7350 @ 2  
ferg Linux  
normal RedHat AS 5.2  
closed 3.1.6  
none 4.0.2  
0002862: Apache + Resin and 503 HTTP Error
We have a Resin + Apache 2.2.3 system that manages some virtual web sites.

Since the load is increasing, we have updated the h/w and the Resin version.

Now it is 3.1.6.

Since the update, we have noted an increasing of the 503 httpd error. The server load is near to 0!!

We have tried to tune the timeout & keepalive parameters, but the documentation is conflicting.
The page [^] has some wrong parameter names and value.

Is there any place where the relation between load-balance-idle-time and socket-timeout and keepalive-timeout is made clear?

I have read in post 0002715 that there is another parameter to set up (<load-balance-socket-timeout>), but I have no found any documentation about it and how to relate its value w.r.t. the others parameter!

09-03-08 02:42   
We're having the same problem on RHEL3 with Apache 2.2.8/Resin 3.1.6 loadbalanced with mod_caucho.

We get random 503 responses which do not correlate on the load state of Apache server or Resin nodes, tweaking settings seems to have no effect.
10-29-08 16:51   
I have the same situation.
In resin 3.0.x , it never occurred.
After upgrading to 3.1.6 , it happens so often.
The load is very low....

servers :

linux 2.6.9-67.0.22.ELsmp (64 bit)
CentOS release 4.7 (Final)

linux 2.6.18-92.1.6.el5 (32 bit)
CentOS release 5.2 (Final)

10-31-08 00:52   
I think the Severity should be MAJOR
05-15-09 05:22   
Any updates?

See this problem in 3.1.8, Apache 2, SUSE, singleserver.

Is there some unknown relation between apache and resin via mod_caucho that isn't properly documented?
05-25-09 00:48   
This seems to be an issue when upgrading from older Resin versions and using a newer Apache as well. A <socket-timeout>180s</socket-timeout> under <server> seems to have remedied the problem. Seems communication between apache and resin has been changed somehow or a default value has been changed. Documentation is a bit sparse and contradicting, but we see no 503:s at all now.
08-31-09 14:41   

The important configuration are load-balance-socket-timeout, socket-timeout, load-balance-idle-time and keepalive-timeout. The two load-balance-* configure mod_caucho. socket-timeout and keepalive-timeout configure the Resin side.

load-balance-socket-timeout needs to be large enough to handle any server-side processing delays before the first data.

socket-timeout and keepalive-timeout need to be larger than load-balance-idle-time because they need to keep the connection open for a keepalive request.

For a diagram, see [^]