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2840 minor always 08-12-08 12:47 08-12-08 14:37
closed 3.1.6  
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0002840: watchdog startup synchronization issue
(rep by Philippe Collard)

Thanks for the fast reply. For the story we have 8 services corresponding each to an instance of Resin. Services startup type is set to "automatic".
The problem can occur in the following situations :
- Machine reboot. CPU shows 100% and about 16 javaw.exe as soon as I can get to the Task Manager.
- Service restart in the Services Console, important : that is when I am doing a "restart". If I do "stop", then wait a few seconds and "start" it's fine.
The workaround I have just found for case 0000001 is to set the services to "manual", that way they don't start at machine reboot but I start them by hand, waiting a few seconds between each of them. That works fine this way.

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