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2814 minor always 07-01-08 12:29 08-07-08 14:35
closed 3.0.26  
none 3.0.27  
0002814: isapi_srun taking extra CPU on long-running process
(rep by Martin Weinig)

I intended to mention the other issue we?re seeing that cropped up following the upgrade to 3.0.26:
When we have a long running JSP or servlet, the w3wp.exe process consumes 100% of one CPU while waiting on the Resin process to finish its work. It appear to process normally for about 60 seconds and then w3wp starts burning cycles until the jsp finishes.
I was able to reproduce the situation with the following simple JSP:
java.util.Date d1 = new java.util.Date();
java.util.Date d2 = new java.util.Date(d1.getTime() + (1000*60*5));
while(d1.getTime() < d2.getTime()){
  d1 = new java.util.Date();

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