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280 minor always 06-21-05 00:00 11-30-05 14:43
closed 3.0.13  
3.0.13 fixed  
none 3.0.15  
0000280: stdout-log rollover at startup
(rep by B Au)

I have also see cases where resin 3 rollover the stdout.log at startup
time even when its size is less than rollover-size.
I can reproduce this every time with a stdout.log that's 100 mb in size.

06-21-05 00:00   
By the way, here are my rollover-size and rollover-period settings when I reproduce the problem:

rollover-size="2048mb" rollover-period="1M"
06-21-05 00:00   
The default rollover size is 100mb (in

It looks like the default rotate size is causing the log rollover before the new configured size has been read, i.e. a configuration startup issue.
06-21-05 00:00   
Resin 2 has this problem and I was told that it probably won't be fixed there. I am disappointed in discovering that Resin 3 also has this problem.

In addition, will we ever be able to set rollover-size to -1 to disable log rollover?
06-21-05 00:00   
The RotateStream default values are now infinite size and period.