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0000278: cmp cache-timeout not always observed
in resin 3.x, i have the attached ejb file. there is a many-to-many cmr relationship between topics and newsItems. The topics bean has a cache-timout of 5m, whereas the newsItem bean has a cache-timeout of 15m. I have a simple process:

Topic topic = topicHome.findByPrimaryKey(topicString);
Collection newsItems = topic.getNewsItemsByCMR();

After observing the sql being executed using <spy>, i see the following results:

1. the topic bean seems to be cached indefinitely and ignores the 5m cache-timeout. (i never see the sql repeated)
2. the newsItem cmr sql is cached only if the result set is less than a certain small size (see RSN-312), otherwise the sql is executed on every call. if the size is small enough and the results are cached, then it obeys the 15 min cache-timeout and only executes the cmr sql after 15 minutes have passed.

resin 3.x pro

06-20-05 00:00