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0002777: Amber setMaxResults issue
(rep by Riccardo Cohen)

I checked on 07/07 snapshot and the behaviour is conform now.
But there is still a bug in the couple setFirstResult() and setMaxResults().

I have a small sample where I can select first item and count. The count is set to 20.
When I set first = 0 I have 25 items returned. Same until 5.
When I set first = 6, I have only 19 results
When I set first = 10, I have only 15 results
When I set first = 22, I have only 3 results
for all those, the sql select ends by LIMIT 25

Now if I set first=25, the the select is correct : LIMIT 25, 20 and I really have 20 items. Same for higher values.

No emergency but just for info. Thanks.

ps: the code is

      javax.persistence.Query hqr=m_manager.createQuery("select h from Adluser h order by");"start="+numstart+" cnt="+numcnt);

07-14-08 11:22