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2764 block always 07-01-08 13:22 09-04-08 12:21
mattp Intel Xeon  
ferg Windows  
normal Server 2003  
closed 3.0.26  
Pro fixed  
none 3.0.27  
0002764: Windows Service Shutdown Fails
With Resin Pro 3.0.26, the service appears not to be responding to a shutdown request from the service control panel. After clicking stop on the control panel, there is no apparent reaction at all from the Resin server. Jvm.log does not reflect any activity, and eventually the stop command times out. To get it to shut down, the java.exe process has to killed.

I've tried again with 3.0.25 and got normal behavior.
1. Unzip fresh copy of resin

2. CD to Resin directory

3. httpd -install

4. net start resin

5. Wait for server to start

6. net stop resin

7. open http://localhost:8080/ [^]
I've tested on Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP. Resin 3.0.25 behaved exactly as expected.

07-07-08 11:35   
Verified that this behavior is fixed in 3.1.6. Since the 3.0.x tree is frozen, the updates to httpd will not be backpatched. As a workaround, the 3.0.25 httpd can be used with 3.0.26.
08-12-08 09:06   
Reopen for 3.0.27