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0002763: Issue #0001095 reappear i 3.1.6
I had problem starting the eHour application.

Searching the bug tracking system I found 0001095 which describes my problem exactly. I tried to install the eHour application on Resin 3.0.23 and it works perfectly.

07-02-08 15:12   
e to ask about the following bug: [^]
which was fixed in 3.0.19. Now that we're working against 3.1.6, I'm seeing what appears to be the same issue so it may be a regression.
Environment: a standard webapp that's loading classes JARd up in WEB-INF/lib using <library-loader>.
The app makes the call:
URL url = MyClass.class.getResource("/my/directory");
Unfortunately this is always returning null even though /my/directory exists in one of the jars and has multiple classes within. This is a problem as the code needs to iterate over the entries in the directory.
Cases where it works fine:
1. If I UNjar the contents of the jar in to WEB-INF/classes (this is my current workaround).
2. Or If I pass an argument to load a specific resource that exists and is not a directory, e.g. "/my/directory/Another.class"
3. Or if the jar is included in the system classpath when resin starts.
07-03-08 11:35