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2750 minor always 06-23-08 12:20 06-23-08 16:16
closed 3.1.6  
none 3.2.0  
0002750: admin display of classpath
(rep by Martin Morawetz)

We have some classpath issues when using resin on a linux system.

Some jars which get loaded under windows apparently don?t get loaded

in the linux environment. The only difference I know is that we use

resin-pro3.1.2 on Windows and resin-pro3.1.6 on linux.

To see what resin actually loads I added the -verbose flag to the httpd start

script, but that doesn?t seem to have any effect. Where should I see

the logged classpath? Stdout?

Just out of curiosity: why does the resin-admin webapp doesn?t show the classpath?

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