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0002723: Tapestry 5.0.11 PropertyDisplayBlocks.tml doesn't render in Resin
When trying to render a page which has the t:grid component, which renders fine in embedded jetty 7 servlet container, I get the following error instead of the page rendering like it should:

An unexpected application exception has occurred.

Render queue error in BeginRender[accountHistory/Page:grid.rows.gridcell]: Failure parsing template classpath:org/apache/tapestry/corelib/pages/PropertyDisplayBlocks.tml: Element <container> does not support any attributes.

I don't understand why this happens, since the <container> element in that tapestry supplied tml file doesn't have any attributes save for the xml namespace ones, I'm thinking resin is trying to parse the tml as some sort of configuration file - which is probably a bad thing!

The tml file in question is supplied by tapestry as part of the tapestry-core jar thus not created by me. The tml file in which I use the t:grid component looks like this:

        <t:parameter name="content1">

            <table t:type="grid" t:source="accountHistory" />


as you can see, there isn't a huge amount to do wrong!

In jetty, the table+page render perfectly.
Tested on 3.1.4 too.

06-08-08 02:10   
I have now also tested this issue on tomcat 6.0.16 and found the site to be working.

So to confirm it is only Resin on which this bug occurs.
06-11-08 13:50   
This doesn't really give enough information to reproduce. The parse error is not Resin's error message, it looks like a Tapestry message.

Check the jars for the classpath:/org/apache/tapestry/corelib/pages/PropertyDisplayBlocks.tml file and see if it looks correct.

There might also be an obsolete file somewhere in an older jar.
06-23-08 10:20