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2715 minor always 06-05-08 02:31 06-23-08 11:53
bmeyns Win32  
ferg Windows Server  
normal 2003  
closed 3.1.6  
Sun, 04 May 2008 fixed  
none 3.1.7  
0002715: Apache 2.2.x + Resin 3.1.x: frequent 503 status error messages (Service Temporarily Unavailable)
We're running Apache 2.2.6 with Resin 3.1.6 configured as listener for resolving JSP's (Win32).
We continiously get 503 status error messages "Service Temporarily Unavailable" (and we're not experiencing any high load on the server).
Any idea if there is a known conflict between Apache 2.2.x and Resin 3.1.x?
We've run this configuration well on other servers using Apache 2.2.8 with Resin 3.0.25 and didn't experience these problems.

06-16-08 21:05   
We observe similar problems:

We have two scheduled tasks, each running for about 1.5 hours. The tasks will loop over thousands of records, but accessing basically just tens of web pages. It has other normal web access across the day.

When using Resin 3.0.x, a server with 700M reserved to resin, dual PIII 1G can run very smoothly.

When switching to 3.1.6, the server hangs many times a day. It seems that resin is not releasing the objects and Java has to perform garbage collection. When garbage collection is slow, it reports server unavailable.

The same server, when switching back to 3.1.5, is performing better. It just hangs after the two major tasks are performed.

Now we switch to another server with 2G reserved for resin 3.1.6, Quad Core Xeon Pro 2G, the server does not hang, but the memory still drops quickly.

Hope this helps.
06-23-08 11:53   

The apache/iis timeout is specific to win32. The issue is the default read timeout on the apache/iis side, which was the same as the Resin timeout. Since the default was 65s, which is too short for this timeout.

The defaults have been updated. As a workaround, you can set the