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2706 major always 05-28-08 08:21 06-05-08 11:28
closed 3.0.26  
none 3.0.27  
0002706: webapp deployment steps do not follow order specified in servlet spec
According to the Servlet Spec (section SRV.9.12), when a web app is deployed into a container, the following steps must be performed, in thie order:

1) instantiate an instance of each event listener
2) for instantiated listener instances that implement ServletContextListener, call the contextInitialized() method
3) instantiate an instance of each filter and call each filter instance's init() method
4) instantiate an instance of each servlet that includes a <load-on-startup> element in the order defined by the load-on-startup element values and call each servlet instance's init() method.

With Resin 3.0.26, step 4 is preformed before step 3. I have not try resin 3.1 or 3.2 yet. We will need this fix in the 3.0 branch.

06-05-08 11:28   
already fixed in 3.1.x and 3.2.x