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2630 major always 04-27-08 14:57 08-07-08 11:30
closed 3.1.4  
none 3.2.1  
0002630: minimal.conf doesn't work
I don't know what went wrong when 3.1.5 was documented (it wont let me choose 3.1.5 in the version dropdown in mantis) but the minimal.conf is unusable.

I've fixed mine by changing the </server> close tag to </cluster> as it doesn't match the opening <cluster ...> tag.
There is a bunch of stuff in the minimal conf which isn't "minimal" - i.e. resin:include isn't neccessary - why not make it the absolute minimum a person can get away with - since the documentation on the caucho site is extremely unclear, having a minimal.conf would be most useful for building up step-by-step using the config-api documentation.

Could this be fixed so that minimal.conf is a "good base" for building up a configuration with?

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