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0002572: Hessian/Flex: hessian.client.HessianMessage never sets its messageId
I've been adding some debug/logging to my application to track messages sent and received, but it's hard to line them up because HessianMessage never sets a unique messageId (it's always null).

If HessianMessage just extended mx.messaging.message.AbstractMessage instead of implementing IMessage, it would pick up the code that sets the Id. In fact, the whole class would just boil down to this:

package hessian.client
  import mx.messaging.messages.AbstractMessage;

  internal class HessianMessage extends AbstractMessage
    public function HessianMessage(body:Object, destination:String)
        this.body = body;
        this.destination = destination;

I've been running my app with this change (using Flex 2.0.1) and it seems to work ok.

See [^]

Notice that that "function get messageId()" assigns a uuid to the messageId if none was set before.

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