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closed 3.1.3  
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0002566: Logging Off XP users both Javaw's crash and only httpd.exe is running
We have resin running as a service with the following config:

"c:\Resin\httpd.exe" -service -env-classpath c:\Resin\lib;.;c:\SDK\jdk\bin;c:\SDK\jdk; -java_home "c:\SDK\jdk" -resin_home "C:\Resin" -conf conf/Sandbox.conf

Whenever a user starts up resin and logs off the java instances die and the only thing that is left is the httpd.exe process. This happens everytime. This was not the case with version 3.0.12 that we were using before upgrading to 3.1.3. We are not seeing this problem with our production machines that are running MS Server 03.
There is nothing printed to the watchdog log, jvm log or our stdout log. I have attached our conf file.
 C:\Resin\conf\Copy of Secondary.conf [^] (9,385 bytes) 04-01-08 08:58

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