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0002529: EJB XA bean issue
(rep by Daniel D'Alessandro)

I've noticed a fairly major change in the transactional behaviour in the
snapshot from 2008-03-04

basically if I have a session bean set up in the following manner

public interface IFoo
  public method1();

  public method2();

@Local ({IFoo.class})
public class FooImpl implements IFoo
  public method1()
       //do stuff

  public method2()
     //do stuff

now under the older resin (and other appservers I've used) the call from
method2 to method1 would not result in a new transaction, instead method1
would participate in the transaction started by method2. To get the
requires new you would have to call another instance of Foo.
In the snapshot method1 called in this manner will start a new transaction if it is on
the local interface.

04-08-08 14:33   
ejb/12a0, ejb/12a8