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0002519: webapp-versioning feature in Resin-3.1.5
I'm trying the webapp-versioning feature <> [^] with Resin-pro-3.1.s080215 but I have some troubles, either in understanding the feature and the documentation or in configuring it (or something else ;-)

My resin.conf contains:
      <web-app-deploy path="webapps-versioning" versioning="true"/>

At the beginning, the webapps-versioning folder is empty.
I have prepared two .war files, to try the webapp-versioning feature.

1.) foo-1.1.war contains only a index.jsp which consists of:
<%@ page session="true" %>

<%= System.currentTimeMillis() %>

This is foo-1.1

<%= application.getRealPath("/")%>
<%= request.getSession() %>

2.) foo-1.2.war contains only a index.jsp which consists of:
<%@ page session="true" %>

<%= System.currentTimeMillis() %>

This is foo-1.2

<%= application.getRealPath("/")%>
<%= request.getSession() %>


Now, I've dropped foo-1.1.war into webapps-versioning folder and it's getting expanded and started by Resin.
I browse to http://localhost:8080/foo [^] in my Safari Browser and see this:


This is foo-1.1


=> The Session abclmAtrf69vd_5MDHZGr is using foo-1.1 as expected.

Next, I've dropped foo-1.2.war into webapps-versioning folder (foo-1.1.war is still present in webapps-versioning folder).
I've opened a different browser (Firefox) to ensure that I'll have a different session and see this:


This is foo-1.2


=> The Session abc_kiUOTjAXQaPUCJZGr is using foo-1.2 as expected, great.

Next, I've checked if the first session in Safari which was using foo-1.1 is still using foo-1.1. Pressed <F5> Key to refresh, but:


This is foo-1.2



=> Well, the Session abclmAtrf69vd_5MDHZGr is now using foo-1.2 - but I've expected it is still using foo-1.1?

Is my understanding of this feature wrong or can I tweak the configuration to achive that the first Session (from Safari Browser) will still use foo-1.1?

See also my post in the mailing list [^]
but I haven't recevied any answer at all.

Maybe it's not a bug, but I'd to understand this feature and how it's thought to be used.

03-24-08 14:52   

There is a significant bug preventing the versioning from working (not previously caught in the regressions).

With the fix, the session does need to have a value, so the example in this bug report wouldn't exactly work. You'd need to slightly modify it by assigning an attribute to the session.