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2503 minor always 03-07-08 09:58 05-07-09 09:58
closed 3.1.5  
none 4.0.0  
0002503: httpd.exe silently fails when installed as a service
(rep by M Deshpande)

(the specific bug is that there should be error logging in the event log when this happens)

We had a problem with Resin installed as a Windows service, httpd.exe would start but no java process, and there was no error logging available anywhere.
The service would get the status of "started" even though nothing was really started.

We figured out what the
problem is by trial and error but we're not sure how to fix it.
The reason that the service wasn't starting up correctly was that it
could read our .conf file, which is on a netowrk drive:
%RESIN_HOME%\httpd -conf f:\resin\drresin.conf -server %hostname%
 %SYSPROPS% -install

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