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0000250: stdout.log becomes jvm.log in latest snapshot
(rep by K Fetterman)

In a recent snapshot, the output that use to be written to stdout.log is
now being written to jvm.log. This is a pain since because I have
written monitoring scripts to monitor stdout.log.

Is there a way to configure resin to write these
messages to stdout.log?

06-09-05 00:00   
Before version 3.0.13, and resin messages were written to stdout.log. Why in 3.0.13 did it change to jvm.log? Now in 3.0.13, when resin first starts up, it writes to stdout.log. Then at some point, it switches and starts writing to jvm.log.

This is confusing. Resin now writes to jvm.log, stdout.log and stderr.log. It would be helpful if the documentation was updated to explain what these files are used for and how the various resin.conf configuration parameters <stdout-log>, <stderr-log>, <log name="" path="stdout:" >, etc affect their use.

The current documentation doesn't make this clear.

06-09-05 00:00   
There was no change in 3.0.13. 3.0.13 acts the same as 3.0.12.

There was a change in the snapshot which has been reversed.

The jvm.log has been around since early in 3.0.x.