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2484 minor always 03-03-08 09:27 03-04-08 14:00
closed 3.1.5  
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0002484: watchdog validation issues
(rep by Chris Chen)

With all the new changes to the watchdog process to make it more
secure (which is a good thing), I have come across behavior that is

I have two config files, one for the web tier and one for the backend
app tiers. The configuration is fairly similar to how the
documentation states.

1) the resin-web.conf (for the web tier) has its own set of
configuration settings. However, in order for the Load Balancing
Servlet to see the app tier clusters and servers, I need to include
minimal <cluster> config inside resin-web.conf:

<cluster id='abc'>
  <server id='abc' port='6800' .../>

This is the minimal that will allow the load balancing servlet to
understand where to dispatch the requests in the rewrite section.

2) I then have resin.conf file that contains all the app tier config
settings for all clusters.

This configuration worked well even in 3.1.5 snapshots, but when I
upgraded to 3.1.5, I started seeing "duplicate server id" exceptions
thrown by the watchdog process.

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