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2447 minor always 02-19-08 09:08 03-24-08 09:12
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0002447: session synchronization issue with 3.1.4
(rep by Cameron Stokes)

We are seeing some issues with our weekly load test on the resin-pro-3.1.4a release that we're not seeing on resin-pro-3.1.2. In running the load test the load user gets kicked out of our application intermittently as if its session expired and it was logged out. We've also had reports of this happening to some of our QA testers when testing manually. Once we switch back to 3.1.2 these issues go away.
In looking at our resin log at one of the session IDs that was kicked out of the application we see the session ID showing up on both of our QA servers, croserver11 and croserver21, and we see entries in the Resin web server showing the load-balance algorithm failing over between the application instances.
See attached log files showing all entries for session abcHH8xRjHzNDdXENbRGr on both of our application servers and the latest log entries for the resin web server on server 1.
Any ideas why we're seeing this in 3.1.4a?

(see mail for Feb 18.)

03-24-08 09:12   
The issue is related to the long startup time of this application (over 200s). The session synchronization was happening at the beginning of startup, but the distributed ports are only activated at the end. So the 200s was a large gap in session coverage.

Putting the session synchronization at the end of the startup reduces that gap to a manageable level.