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2437 minor always 02-13-08 20:31 02-19-08 10:47
closed 3.1.5  
none 3.1.5  
0002437: watchdog log files are being output in current working directory, not based off the root directory
It seems like the watchdog process is creating log/ directories based on the current working directory when resin is started up the first time.


[/home/ckchris] /etc/init.d/resin start

This creates a log/ in my home directory even though a specific root-directory is given in the resin startup script (/var/resin).

I believe this is an oversight due to the recent changes to the watchdog code.

As a temporary workaround, I simply made sure that my startup script changes into the /var/resin (root directory) before starting up resin process.

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