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0000237: laszlo and relax
(rep by Moises Lejter)

I was trying to check out open laszlo 3.0 - so I just deployed it on my brand-new resin-3.0.13 installation, gave it a whirl... and it failed :-(. Anyone know how I would fix this error:

Error: org.iso_relax.verifier.VerifierConfigurationException: no validation engine available for: [^] org.iso_relax.verifier.VerifierConfigurationException: no validation engine available for: [^]

I must be missing some JAR file - but I thought the one I wanted (just going by the name...) was isorelax.jar in the resin lib folder?

(This is running resin-3.0.13 with JDK 1.5.0_01 on Windows XP...).

06-06-05 00:00   
Laszlo seems to require some newer versions of a few libraries that are core to Resin.

Compare the directories:

The quick-n-crappy answer (for a development system) is to copy all the JAR's from \webapps\openlaszlo-3.0.2\WEB-INF\lib into RESIN_HOME\lib and overwrite the conflicts.

This works on my dev system:
- Resin 3.0.12
- Laszlo
- JDK 1.5.0_03
- WinXP

I'm sure there is a better explanation and resolution, but I'm new to Java, Resin and Laszlo, so hopefully some guru will reply with a better one.

06-06-05 00:00   

After I opened the JAR files and compared the manifests, it appears that the RESIN libraries are *NEWER* than Laszlo's despite the file dates.

The JDOM library library distributed with Laszlo seems old and Laszlo does't work with a recent version of JDOM jar's.

I get the following exception when trying to use Laszlo with recent JDOM jar's that my app depends on:
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/jdom/input/JDOMFactory
    at org.openlaszlo.compiler.CompilationEnvironment.<init>(

I'm going to give up on Laszlo and Resin as I don't feel like assembling all the latest libraries and trying to build my own Laszlo.
06-06-05 00:00   
Resin no longer uses the isorelax.jar, so this conflict is no longer an issue.