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closed 3.1.4  
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0002327: java.util.logging level override issue
(rep by John Franey)

The code differences between 3.0.24 and 3.1.4 snapshot imply that this issue
also exists in 3.1, so I've edited my question and resent it. Aside from
innocuous changes to import statements, postconstruct annotation and
comments, the three significant fixes are: a fix to jmx registration of the
sublogger (LogConfig), a fix to use local handlers instead of super.log to
publish log messages (EnvironmentLogger), and a fix to el variable
evaluation. Added classes are AbstracRolloverLog, EnvironmentStream,
RotateString, TimestampFilter. I don't think these differences will affect
this issue.

John J. Franey wrote:

Here is an excerpt of my logging config in resin.conf:

  <host ...>
    <web-app ...>
        <log path="..." timestamp="..." format="...">
           <logger name="com.corp" level="fine">
           <logger name="com.corp.deep.package" level="info"/>

The problem is that the loggers at or below com.corp.deep.package are
writing out fine log messages.

In a regular java app, if I configured logging in a to
something similar, fine log messages from com.corp.deep.package loggers
would not be written out.

02-13-08 15:25