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2297 minor always 01-08-08 08:25 01-08-08 09:16
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0002297: Permanent link destination for burlap
(rep by J Carman)

Links to Burlap [^] are broken.

The Apache Commons Proxy project has a dependency on the Burlap library (and
Hessian for that matter). We used to have a link to the Burlap
documentation from our site, but it has since been broken. Someone filed a
JIRA issue with us about it and I was wondering if we could get a somewhat
permanent URL for the Burlap documentation. Here's the JIRA issue: [^]

01-08-08 09:16   
Existing links to [^] will now work.

They are currently redirected to [^] If the location of the current burlap documentation changes in the future, [^] will redirect accordingly.