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0002291: flash policy file protocol
(rep by Vic Cekvenich)

 known for push, which I have now re-implemented using Hessian comet w/ Resin w/ help from Emil.
It seems that it should be able to work on port 80, thus not having any corporate firewall/proxy issues. But that requires that "server listening on that port must understand socket policy file requests... and must respond differently for policy file requests and main connection requests" (from this page [^] ).
Currently resin configuration file can talk on another port.... however, working on port 80 for a "socket server" would be huge, at least for our needs.
So.. that would be a feature request, get resin to recognize this flash "socket policy file request" and/or ... get entire Hessian conversation to be on port 80 even for Comet, at least for the Pro customers. (Hessian w/o Comet already works on any port).

01-07-08 16:13   
server/3210, server/3211