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0000228: expand-cleanup-fileset
(rep by Bill Au)

I am having problem with getting expand-cleanup-fileset to work in
resin pro 3.0.13. I have pretty much cut and pasted the example
from your web site: [^]

Here is my entry:

<web-app-deploy path="webapps/www">

I have tried putting this in resin.conf and web.xml but it didn't work.
The file admin/search.xsl is not part of the war file.
I installed it manually into my webapp. It is being removed the
the war file is expanded.

Is this feature broken in 3.0.13?

06-01-05 00:00   
server/10tg - server/10ti

This is working correctly.

Is the path="webapps/www" correct? Normally the deploy path is "webapps".

It's possible this may be a misconfiguration with a standard web-app-deploy path="webapps" with no expand-cleanup-fileset and a mistaken attempt to override that for the "www" webapp.
06-01-05 00:00   

issue was with combing a <web-app-deploy> with an explicit <web-app>