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2264 minor always 12-18-07 12:17 01-07-08 13:00
closed 3.0.25  
none 3.0.26  
0002264: isapi_srun timeout and 503 issues
(rep by T Fukuda)

I am having urgent troubles on 3.0.25. These problems have been marked
fixed, but they are still occurring for me. It is necessary for them to be fixed in the 3.0 branch.

I can't set timeout value to more than one hour.
    <srun server-id="APP:" host="" port="6802" index="1"/>


IIS is not getting a 503 when a conneciton times out.

       <srun ... >

<< Case of using IIS ... NG >>>
The time-out was occurred 1800 seconds later.
But, the server DID NOT return 503. (disconnected by the server)

<<< Case of using Apache ... OK >>>
The time-out was occurred 1800 seconds later.
And the server returned 503.

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