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0002152: phpBB2 profile update doesn't work with Resin 3.1.x (compile=false)
I use phpBB v2.0.22 under windows and PostgreSQL.
This issue happens with Resin 3.1.2 and 3.1.3.

Since compile=true doesn't allow me to login at all (see issue 0002151), this bug is only reproducable under compile=false.

How to reproduce:
- Login with any user
- Click on Profile link
- Change any information, like email address and enter current password
- Click on Submit
=> It returns an error page saying: The avatar filetype must be .jpg, .gif or .png
- It is supposed to skip avatar validation since it was not modfied. This is what happens under native PHP.

The only workarround I found is to disable avatar functionality using the Admin Panel of phpBB, but this means limiting the functionality of the forum.

11-09-07 19:06   
Like bug 2124, I was not able to reproduce this problem with the
current dev snapshot. Could you download it and verify that this
bug is in fact fixed? [^]

thanks much
11-10-07 12:18   

Yes, I tried with latest snapshot and the problem happens.
I even used a clean installation from phpBB2.0.22 and same thing.

Make sure in the Admin Panel/Configuration, the following option is checked:
- Enable avatar uploading

The same setup with native PHP works.
11-10-07 18:13   
After enabling the avatar switches in the config panel,
this error can be reproduced in the dev version.

The problem is realted to the user uplaod file name,
even though the field is blank in the browser, the
PHP script thinks the user supplied an upload file:

usercp_register.php: 472: user_avatar_upload is "/C:/caucho_dev/resin-MOD/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/upload/php1542821947tmp"
11-12-07 12:07   
I just checked in a fix for this bug along with these qa tests: