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2151 major always 11-07-07 10:12 11-12-07 12:08
closed 3.1.3  
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0002151: phpBB2 login or register don't work under Resin Pro 3.1.3
I use phpBB 2.0.22 under windows and PostgreSQL.
phpBB2 works ok under Resin Pro 3.1.3 but with compile=false.
However, with compile=true, login into phpBB does not work, it is hard to say what is the issue. Also, Register new user does not work. It seems it is caching some username.

How to reproduce it:
- Install phpBB2 under Resin Pro
- Rename phpBB2/install and phpBB2/contrib (part of phpBB installation)
- Login to main page using admin (or any other username if it exists)
=> It returns the same login/min page as if login never happened
- Click on Register and select "Agree..."
=> It returns an error page saying : Sorry, but this username has already been taken

There is no error displayed in the server log.

11-10-07 17:47   
I have been able to reproduce both of these problems in the
dev version of quercus as of 11/10/07.
11-12-07 12:08   
Checked againt phpBB2.