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0002150: isapi with keepalive: slow response thru some web-proxies
Forgot to add our solution to this problem before my issue was closed.

Our problem was that some clients behind some proxies(MS ISA, Trend ...) got very slow response on our webpages(5-6 minutes vs. 10-30 sec.)

Didn't actualy solve the problem, but found that if we disabled Keep Alive on our frontend IIS the problem dissapered.

The reason we report this as a resin-bug is that it worked ok with Keep Alive when we had win2k backend with JRUN.

Our setup is:
Frontend win2k3 with IIS 6
Backend REL 4 with Resin 3.1.2

Please close this, or append it to the original issue.

Best regards
Ove Halset

11-07-07 10:19   
Thanks for the details. This is now something we can work on.