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2142 minor always 11-05-07 09:05 11-05-07 15:59
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0002142: hessian draft comments
(rep by Charlie Groves)

I've been doing some work that involves parsing Hessian object
definitions, and have found a small difference between the example at [^] and
the format used by Hessian2Output and Hessian2Input in
hessian-3.1.3.jar. The spec says an object definition starts with
'O' which is followed by a type definition starting with 't'.
However, both Hessian2Output and Hessian2Input move on to the two
bytes for String length following the 'O' and skip the 't'. I can
see the 't' isn't necessary as in the map and list case since the
type definition is mandatory for an object, but it'd be nice if the
spec were updated to reflect that. I'd actually prefer it if object
definitions were updated to be just an 'O' followed by a regular
Hessian string. That would shave off a byte in the most common case
where a type name is less than 32 characters and keep type
definitions confined to a single special case.

11-05-07 15:59