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2074 minor always 10-17-07 09:18 10-18-07 17:25
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0002074: MySQL client trying to connect to localhost, not real DB server, on reconnect
This started happening after the fix to bug 1108. Now it seems that after roughly 1 second of usage of a particular MySQL connection, Resin is trying to reestablish the connection. But instead of connecting back to the actual database server, it is trying to connect to "localhost" and is, of course, failing to do so. Stack trace attached; it's long. I know the connection is to localhost by way of trapping in Eclipse and examining the contents of the stack.

It happens whether or not I have a <database-default> clause in my resin.conf file.
This is using the latest (5.1.5) MySQL JDBC driver.
 stacktrace.txt [^] (16,550 bytes) 10-17-07 09:18

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