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2006 minor always 09-12-07 13:15 12-18-07 13:25
closed 3.1.2  
none 3.1.5  
0002006: Drupal database installation info needs to be submitted twice
(rep by attila75)

"# visit the Drupal setup page at http://localhost:8080/drupal [^] [^] and provide the details of the database you just created
# after you submit the form, you'll see the same empty form again, this seems weird but don't fred, the form just changed the values of a configuration file, you now need to install the database structure for real"

10-10-07 01:56   
I have tracked down the issue with logging in Drupal code.
During installation install_main() (see install.php) runs multiple times, because install_goto() (see redirects the page.
install_main() calls drupal_bootstrap(), during the execution of which conf_init() (see is called, which loads settings.php.
When using Drupal normal PHP, settings.php is reloaded, with Qercus it is not, therefore the $db_url global variable will not be refreshed, therefore installation stucks.
However when one goes to the address bar in the browser and presses enter, the installation continues, because settings.php is reloaded.
Probably the easiest fix would be to reload the source files after a page reload, but I leave it up to you guys to come up with the best solution.
12-11-07 13:21   
Added the following test cases:

These test reproduce the conditions when this bug happens, but
they do not reproduce the error seen in this bug report. Currently,
this bug can only be reproduced on a live server running the drupal
code, the error happens because the DefinitionState returned from
the _defCache in is seen as valid even though it is
out of date (it is left over in the LruCache from a previous request).

When running on the live system, the CRC's of the new and old key match,
so this might be a problem with the way a CRC is being calculated for
a PHP file that contains only global variables (it defines no functions
or classes).
12-18-07 13:25