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closed 3.0.13  
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0000200: mod_caucho losing configuration information
(rep by K Fetterman) [^]
Sometimes I see raw jsp.
I confirmed that the problem still exists in 3.0.13.

After stopping resin, I went through and completely cleaned out the
system. This included, restoring the original httpd.conf, deleting the, deleting the cache, sessions under server root, and the
tmp, work and sessions directories under each web app.

I then did a make clean, ./configure --with-apxs, make and make install
in the /usr/local/resin-pro-3.0.13 directory.

After bring the servers up and confirming the servers were running my
webapps, I shut them both (httpd and resin) down in different order and
then restarted them. I was able to recreate the problem.

I stopped apache httpd, deleted the file /tmp/localhost_6802 and started
httpd again. Now it works. All of my apps are running and don't get the
raw JSP even if I click reload multiple times.

I did some further testing. It appears that the problem occurs when
both resin and apache httpd are stopped.

I stopped both.

I then started resin and let it fully load. Once resin was fully
loaded, I then started apache httpd. The problem returned.

To fix it, I stopped apache httpd, deleted the file /tmp/localhost_6802
and start httpd again. The problem went away. Notice that I didn't
have to restart resin.

Once when I was testing, after stopping and starting both httpd and
resin, I noticed that the problem didn't occur. Well, I think I figured
out why. If I stop httpd first and then resin, the problem occurs when
I start them up (in the order I mentioned above, ie, resin first and
then httpd). If I stop resin first and then httpd, the problem doesn't
occur when I start them again.
Resin Enterprise 3 WS
Apache httpd: Apache/2.0.46
Resin 3 snapshot(5/16/05)

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